Fr. Donnelly Division



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Prayers for the Division

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Brother Turner has just recently found work but blew out his knee. He won't be able to have surgery until 10/9 and then he'll be out for 3 months. Please pray for him and his family. Brother Farewell is still looking for work. He has some opportunities in New York. But we haven't heard yet that anything has materialized. Brother Kittle's father has finished prostrate cancer treatments. He is also hoping to sell his dental practice this week. Please pray for him and his family. Brother McNellis and his wife are caring for her mother at home. She is terminally ill and they need our prayers. Brother Cronin's father-in-law is moving into skilled care at the nursing home. Please pray for Jennie, her father, Shaun and their family. Please pray for our deceased Brothers: John O'Neal, Mike Dowd, Tom O'Malley and Fred Wyrsch.