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What it means to be Irish

Somewhere between the United Kingdom and the United States lies the 120th largest country in the world. This small island of Ireland is home to just under five million Irishmen and is the birthplace of 24 Olympic medalists and 12 Oscar winners. The Irish have given the world such life-changing innovations as the aircraft ejector seat, color photography, the submarine and, most importantly, chocolate milk.

From a rock in the middle of the ocean, we have populated the globe with approximately 70 million O'Sullivans, Murphys and Walshes, not to mention the roughly one million Irish-born people who are currently living abroad.

In Irish welcome, céad míle fáilte, translates as “a hundred thousand welcomes.” And as it turns out, this grandiose greeting is an example of another Irish trait – our inclination towards exaggeration. This ability to think big most likely helped Ireland's creative brethren develop so many world-famous texts, paintings and inventions.

Here is where you will find information of where we came from and some of the difficult roads we had to travel. The beauty, importance of our culture that makes us all proud to say "I'm Irish"!